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Key Institute for the Gifted

Where passions run deep, and powers run amok.

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An AU Music RP.

Welcome to Key Institute for the Gifted, a roleplay based off the story that is currently being written by bloodbath_party, harlequinnade, and miz0maliki. If you want to read it, visit key_institute.

This is a music roleplay, with muses from bands from all over the world available for your choosing.

Here you muses will live, play, and work if they're a teacher. It is a school for those gifted with special powers, such as fire control, and others. (Think the institute in the X-Men.) There will be your typical high school and college classes, as well as classes on power control and the proper way to use them.


1. No god-modding, please. God-modding in where you make your character all powerful and god-like, and you kill off other characters without their permission.

2. No mun on mun drama! Causing drama with another mun will lead to you being banned from the community! If you're having problem with a mun, contact one of the mods immediately. Don't try to handle things on your own. Doing so will result in the both of you being banned.

3. Activity checks will be done at the end of every month, if you have not posted in that month, your characters will be removed from the taken list.

4. You may claim up to three characters, and three characters only.

5. If the musician is dead, keep them dead, please. Unless you have special mod permission, of course~ ;D

6. No homophobia/heterophobia allowed. Please be accepting of everyone and their character.

7. All muses must have their own journal. End of story. Others will be able to comment on their entries, but you can private some part of it by using an lj cut.

8. Please, make your character journal after being accepted.


Copy the text in the box below, and paste and fill it out in the entry! You will either be accepted or rejected.



Jade || shyboytakesall || d0dgez0mbie || dodgesombie@hotmail.com || dodgeriot


[ex] Tenten || cat_scratch_ten || Bleedingpsyche6 || you_killed_me_softly@hotmail.com

[ex] Kiaki || journal pending || service shot || ohtehmiyaviness@hotmail.com

Hyde || hyde_me_please || Miz0maliki || miz0maliki@hotmail.com


Maya || fire_lollipop || Breakdown Silent || lonely_soul_dreamer@hotmail.com || shadowxxreaper

Moi dix Mois

Mana || dans_mon_ame || Miz0maliki || miz0malik@hotmail.com

The Studs

Daisuke || fuckandcorrupt || Guroi Mondanisut || x_violent_harenchi_x@hotmail.com || crystals_shattered


hide || spider_ghost || Breakdown Silent || lonely_soul_dreamer@hotmail.com || shadowxxxreaper


AIM: Breakdown Silent
MSN: lonely_soul_dreamer@hotmail.com
Y!M: shadowxxxreaper

AIM: d0dgez0mbie

AIM: Miz0maliki

Please contact the mods if you have any questions, or a problem arises. We won't bite~